Message From The Chairman :

BatesGlobal Capital Group has been involved in finance and corporate advisory for over 20 years. We are involved in a variety of businesses such as in Green Energy, Mining Precious Metals, Precious Metals Commodities Trading, Sports Management, Bullion Banking, Agriculture, Farming, Feedlot and Real Estate.

We have also access to Private Bankers and a group of high-net-worth select clientele who regularly fund or take-up investments in the businesses that we have reorganized or advised in. Our exit strategy on all our investments is through IPOs at selected bourses or Private Sale to our select clientele.

We normally begin our services at an Advisory / Consultancy level, before moving on into investing and/or the arrangement of finance for any project.

Our current project takes us into the mining of precious metals in Ghana which is through our Ghana operations subsidiary where our investments are expanding into securing additional mining acreage. Our mining output feeds our production, refinery and distribution center subsidiary here in Thailand which in turn sells only to Bullion Banks.