BatesGlobal Agriculture

Agriculture has always been a backbone in any economy. The “Feed-The-World” concept has always been our passion. Africa is in the center of the food crises belt, and we aim to assist wherever we can in creating more farms and food production yield derived from the use of better seedlings and farming technologies.



Ghanaians indeed love eating Rice, which is part of their staple diet. The existing Rice available at the local markets are quite highly priced and not of a very good quality. In seeing this, we are keenly interested to bring the famed Thai Jasmine Fragrant Rice to Ghana.

We intend to bring in our Thai expert farmers who would pass on the knowledge of cultivating and blending differing species of the Rice Paddy in order to create the perfumed variation that it is today.





We intend to be a buying-house, in view of export to Japan, Korea, and China, to carry a whole range of organic products produced by the locals.

We see a demand for a variety of Agricultural Produce, especially local fruits and vegetables. There is also a huge demand for Cacao, which is the main ingredient for the making of chocolates.

To assist the farming communities, we have ventured into farming, to create employment and opportunities to the locals who are more interested in farming. We buy en-bloc all their produce and re-sell them to our contacts in Japan, Korea, and China.

In certain situations, we even provide the financing or an agricultural grant to the farmers in order for them to work their land and produce the yield which is economical.