J&K Cooperations was established in 2013 with the focus of organic farming, Springwater mining and bio-mass consultancy services that is client-focused, innovative and dynamic. The main area of business was specialized farming of fragrant Rice in a Farm-based cultivation for export. Over the years, things have become competitive and tight in the agricultural industry.

In 2017, BatesGlobal Capital Group invested into J&K Cooperations to assist expansion into the refining for trade and jewelry manufacture.

In April 2018, a unique trading platform to trade with gold was created. With fresh ideas and new funding available on board, BatesGlobal Co., Ltd. was able to take up an opportunity to buy and sell gold to the retail and wholesale market where we have found our niche in the precious metals industry. This is because we mine, produce, refine and trade the Gold, we are able to accommodate investors that want to trade gold or to purchase gold as part of their wealth management.

By mid 2019, we have moved towards servicing our Select Clientele with the Bullion Banks as opposed to retail and wholesale trades where competition is keen forcing downward push against margins and pricings.

With the assistance of BatesGlobal Capital Group, we have spread upstream into Mining on an Industrial Scale and downstream into Refining and Production of Bullion Products for offload into Bullion Banks.

In mid-2019, BatesGlobal Co., Ltd Thailand renamed itself into BatesGold Corporation Thailand Co., Ltd. to streamline the Company’s name with its branding.



Our vision is for our bullion brand BatesGold to be established internationally by joining the London Bullion Metals Association (LBMA). By establishing and securing the certification, our BATESGOLD Hallmark products which is already recognized and accepted in the Asian markets, will secure a higher premium prices and more international exposure.


We actively try to create value through safe and responsibly sourcing, refining, designing, producing, trading and marketing of our products.

Our primary focus is gold bullion. However, we will pursue value creating opportunities in other Precious Metals, where we can leverage our existing assets, experience and skills to enhance the delivery of value.



We believe that our core should always be to do the business with legitimacy with integrity. We are alone in our pursuit to create personal satisfaction. Our products are a distinct brand utilizing the best of African Gold coming solely from our mines in Ghana and we offer our Bullion to the people of the world.


Our corporate strategy had led us to a new direction due to an influx of new shareholders and funding, J&K Cooperations became BatesGlobal Company Limited which created BatesGold as our bullion brand. BatesGold was able to take up an opportunity to provide Precious Metals Services for the international market. The various clients we have supplied biomass in the past to have shifted their focus to gold and having us contracted to supply them.

We have now gone upstream via our sister company into Mining on an Industrial Scale in Ghana in order to be closer to the source of our raw materials. Meanwhile we are still managing the downstream activities of Refining and Production of Bullion Products in Thailand for the Asian market.